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A cute "tribute" from a player



  • Area bits and pieces - BPTasks
  • Code
    • xfind (m/o/mp) - List resets of obj/mob, or obj/mobs an o/mprog is attached to
      • Needs new name
    • File format update - Something I can actually *read*
      • XML?
    • Strip visdeath on players logging - Disarm shaman, get all, then player has an unseen Staff of Invocation weighing them down
    • Old Angarak/Ulgo
    • Fix VT in scrims
    • Remove nosac extra flag
    • Remove useless OFF_FADE
    • EQ damage
      • Repairers
        • PK repairers, cheap, pkonly eq only
    • New res code
    • Check out default skillgroups
    • Make flag set weapon flags
    • Make do_vnum use page_to_char
    • See sneak with holylight
    • Fix drinking from things with dodgy liquid values
    • More options for trans/for
    • More Mob AI
    • Newbie channel
    • Vnums
      • X:Y format, where X is area vnum, Y is internal vnum (so Y starts at 0)
    • Character creation/skillgroup cleanup
      • Deal with data from Jared
    • "Invisible" (to id) flag for "Miniquest" (rather than the silly "put it in the name" thing)
    • Automatic point verification of items
    • Quaffing a potion of 'bless' during combat will return 'You are already blessed' even if you aren't affected by bless at that moment.
  • General
    • Add Vo Kriederin directions to help directions2
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