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General Editing Rules

  • Don't delete any pages, just tag them for deletion if you think it necessary
  • Keep things general, especially for skills. We want an overview, that dirt blinds an opponent and is helped by being dextrous, nothing more detailed than that
  • Please, when editing, stay within the limits of your knowledge and capabilities. If you don't know what you're doing when trying to add/change something, there exists plenty of documentation, other people, and sandboxes

More Specific Editing Rules

  • Trim any remaining "headers" left by my conversion script
    • No "title" first word in the article
    • No keyword/category lines
  • Ensure pages are named in a CamelCase style. Thus, "Book_Of_Alorn", not "BOOK_OF_ALORN"/"BOOKOFALORN"/"book_of_alorn" etc.
    • Important: If a page is "multititled" (e.g "Acid_Breath, Fire_Breath, Frost_Breath, Gas_Breath, Lightning_Breath"), don't touch the name
  • Keep the wikimarkup to a minimum. Pages should contain about as much content as a standard helpfile
    • No sections or signing
  • To use colour (on the Prophecy end, it won't be seen here), wrap the colour codes in html comments
    • <!--`!-->Red<!--``-->
  • Linking between different pages is good and to be encouraged
    • Don't colour these links, I'll do that on the conversion
  • Pages should be added to the Helpfile category
  • Don't set up any redirects just yet
  • Summarise your edits properly

Wiki Editing Help

That should be all. Remember, there will be rewards for contribution, and that primary effort should be directed towards mere cleanup in terms of formatting, naming, and categorisation, as well as fixing blatent errors (spelling/grammar). Thanks

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